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Published in IJHP&D: Upgrading the Salto Grande Scheme

July 10, 2019

Current View

By Donald Erpenbeck and Carlos Calderaro

Rehabilitation is playing a major role in solving energy needs in South America at plants such as the Salto Grande Scheme

Carlos Calderaro (Hydraulics Technical Practice Lead) and Don Erpenbeck (Vice President and Senior project manager) reflect on the market for future hydropower upgrades in South America in Hydropower & Dams (Issues six, 2018). The authors discuss the importance of planning and preparation work that goes into upgrading these plants as well as the benefits these planning studies are having on the region. 

  • Donald  Erpenbeck

    Donald is vice president bringing more than 20 years of experience to our valued hydropower clients.

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  • Carlos Calderaro

    Carlos is an electro-mechanical engineer with 30 years of experience in hydropower projects with a focus on hydraulic turbine mechanical design and major hydropower mechanical equipment.

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