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10 years in the making – Stantec in the Community Week 2023

July 31, 2023

Coming together to build strong communities through our commitment to make a difference

“As we wrap up Stantec in the Community Week, I know so many employees are feeling pride and gratitude as we reflect on the tremendous impact we’ve made over the past 10 years. This global volunteer initiative has not only united our employees across the world but has also fostered a sense of purpose, community, and a commitment to making a positive difference in the places we call home.

Personally, I enjoy getting out to volunteer every year. It’s such a great experience to roll up my sleeves, meet employees, and make a difference. Most organizations are shocked at how much we accomplish in our three hours and have to find more things for our teams to do!

Stantec in the Community Week has become a cornerstone of our corporate culture, reminding all of us the importance of giving back and playing an active role in shaping a better future.

As we move forward, we recommit ourselves to continuing this legacy of service and making an even greater impact in the years to come.”

– Gord Johnston, President & CEO

Our impact around the globe

With 6,199 employees out in the community this year, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve successfully surpassed our goal of highest number of employees volunteering since our inauguration 10 years ago. This milestone has filled us with immense pride and excitement, as it represents the commitment and passion of our employees towards making a positive impact in the communities we serve.

We volunteered with some amazing organizations this year. In Virginia and Washington, US employees participated in a virtual volunteer opportunity where they transcribed scans of historical archives to increase accessibility. In Gaithersburg, Maryland, volunteers found themselves at Red Wiggler Community Farm, a sustainable farm where people with and without developmental disabilities come together to work, learn, and grow healthy food. Within their 12-acre (4.9-hectare) campus, Red Wiggler’s participants cultivate vegetables on seven acres (2.8 hectares) and sell or donate this produce to a diverse population.

“We had such a rewarding experience at the farm,” Donna Ruggieri, office administrator in the Gaithersburg office, said. “The light drizzle and cool temps added to the ambiance of working in the fields but also made for great conditions for the weeding, planting, and field maintenance. We so appreciate that SITC helps foster our ongoing relationship with this amazing organization!”

Across Canada, the United States, Australia, and India, over 270 employees donated blood, with five events in Canada alone—Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver. According to global blood services, just one donation can help save or improve the lives of up to three people.

Calgary employees donating blood.

Over 600 employees volunteered in 23 cities around the United Kingdom. Volunteers cooked meals for people experiencing homelessness, spent time outside gardening, picking up litter, and maintaining pathways. And in Ashford, England, employees participated in public engagement and fundraising for Canterbury Trans Network.

“The Canterbury Trans Network is a support group for transgender people across Kent. Run by myself and two others, it helps approximately 250-plus people,” Gwen Protheroe, senior engineer in the Ashford office said. “We provide a safe space twice a month for people to be themselves, ask questions, and socialize with coffee and cake. I only recently converted the group into a charity, and we’re taking off, hosting more events, and inviting people from the NHS and other service providers to talk and listen to us.”

In the Philippines, employees volunteered with rescue dogs, community cats, planted trees, and cleaned up an urban garden. “I had a great time during SITC Week as I really love volunteering,” Frances Hannah Maldo, regional support in the Manila office said. “I wish we could have done more activities! What I realized in this exercise is that volunteering has to be in you, you wanting to do it, and not something forced or just required from you.” An urban garden in Barangay Kamuning, Quezon City, is maintained by a group of persons with disabilities (PWD), with Mr. Antonio Magpantay at the helm. Mr. Magpantay walks with a prosthetic right leg and diligently tends to the garden every morning. Helping him with the gardening chores is Mr. Nicolas Dandan, a stroke survivor.

“Last May 2023, when we first visited the garden, we learned that the site was originally a dumpster beside a creek,” Frances said. “But through the collaboration of the local council and the PWD, the dumpsite was transformed into a thriving vegetable garden—in less than a year! I recall Mr. Magpantay hinting that their group would like the tangled corner of the garden to be cleared and make way for their mushroom cultivation area. We took it as a cue to volunteer and help declutter the area.”

“Our volunteers helped transfer some bamboo poles to one side of the garden, shift a big cauldron from one corner to another, gather and pack away sticks and wood, reinforce the canopy, and much more,” Frances said. “It’s great to have activities like this—go outdoors, volunteering your time, and in your own little way, you are able to contribute improving the lives of fellow Filipinos.

Our volunteers’ response to an amazing week

So many of our employees shared their excitement during SITC Week on LinkedIn:

Our volunteers’ passion, enthusiasm, and willingness to lend a helping hand have made this tenth anniversary of volunteering in our communities truly remarkable. Together, we’ve ignited a spark of positive change that will continue to burn brightly in the years to come. 

Learn more about Community Engagement at Stantec.

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