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Franklin Expedition shipwrecks in the Arctic face a new threat—melting ice

February 14, 2024

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Stantec’s Darren Kipping talks to Climate Wire about storm and wave research to help protect the Franklin Expedition shipwrecks from climate change

Stantec is helping Parks Canada understand climate threats to two historic shipwrecks that were part of the famous British Franklin Expedition that sought to find the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic. The ill-fated expedition left England in 1845 and disappeared, with all 129 crew members perishing. With ongoing exploration of the recently discovered shipwrecks off the coast of Nunavut, Stantec has conducted hydrological and storm modelling to help Parks Canada determine if storms pose a threat to them. Climate Wire’s Chelsea Harvey interviews Stantec’s Darren Kipping about the modeling and climate concerns about the shipwrecks.

  • Darren Kipping

    Darren is a project archaeologist with Stantec’s Environmental Services group in London, Ontario. He specializes in digital data collection methods, marine archaeology, and has experience in Euro-Canadian sites and Indigenous assemblages.

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