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Stantec confirms that environmental services have a key role to play in hydrogen projects

May 24, 2024

Current View

Several Stantec experts were featured in the Climate Change Business Journal to explain the intersection between hydrogen and the environment

The latest issue of the Climate Change Business Journal focuses exclusively on hydrogen and its role in decarbonizing our energy infrastructure. The publication had several questions to ask our experts Nathan Ashcroft, Steve McManamon, Eric Snelling, Jillian Flanagan, Yasmeen Sultana, and Shiladitya Basu. The questions predominantly pertained to environmental and water considerations for hydrogen projects.

Our team of experts was asked several questions. How would you describe the complexities of hydrogen and hydrogen hub projects in terms of permitting, air quality, and health impacts? How is hydrogen production tied to water and how much water is required for hydrogen production? What environmental im­pacts could water sourcing create? How could water sourcing affect the hydrogen market in the long term? And more.

  • Nathan Ashcroft

    As a strategic business developer, Nathan is always looking for ways to improve our ability to help our clients. That’s involved expanding our geographical business as well as researching new applications of existing products like bitumen.

    Contact Nathan
  • Steve McManamon

    As the US Energy sector leader for our Environmental Services business line, Steve’s job is to grow our oil and gas business throughout North America.

    Contact Steve
  • Eric Snelling

    A principal environmental planner with over three decades of experience, Eric focuses on permitting, due diligence, and compliance for clients in a variety of sectors—from energy to coastal to public works and more.

    Contact Eric
  • Jillian Flanagan

    With a focus on delivering water projects that help with the energy transition and mitigate the effects of climate change, Jillian is a regional practice lead with Stantec’s Industrial Water team.

    Contact Jillian
  • Yasmeen Sultana

    Yasmeen is an air quality expert providing technical support related to emerging air, greenhouse gas, and methane regulations. She helps upstream and midstream oil and gas, power, utility, and manufacturing clients comply with mandatory reporting.

    Contact Yasmeen
  • Shiladitya Basu

    As a senior chemical engineer, Shiladitya focuses on helping clients—in energy, chemicals, and manufacturing—solve water-related challenges. He’s skilled in membrane and chemical processes and supports projects requiring his leadership and expertise.

    Contact Shiladitya
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