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Mine by design

March 08, 2024

Current View

Jennifer Berger and Kevin Kammerzell were featured in Materials World to discuss how climate change considerations are critical to the mining industry

Climate change considerations are critical for the mining industry. And right now, mining is in the spotlight. Why? Because our clean energy transition relies on mined minerals and metals. The hyperawareness from consumers and investors on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance means mining companies are being held to a higher standard in terms of reducing emissions and leaving less of an environmental footprint.

Materials World interviews Stantec experts Jennifer Berger and Kevin Kammerzell about their thoughts on the mining industry and how it is adapting in the face of climate change. 

  • Jennifer Berger

    Jennifer specializes in delivering safe production, process improvements, financial forecasting, establishing metrics, and monitoring key performance indicators.

    Contact Jennifer
  • Kevin Kammerzell

    Kevin’s strong background in mine design and construction management projects makes him the choice to lead our southwest mining infrastructure group.

    Contact Kevin
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