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Raising dams to provide water security

January 24, 2024

The Gross Reservoir Expansion Project will provide water security to the Colorado Front Range from multiple sources and reduce vulnerability in the face of extreme weather events. Stantec’s innovative design will raise the height of the existing dam by 131 feet, ultimately tripling Gross Reservoir’s capacity. The project will be the largest raise of a concrete dam using roller-compacted concrete (RCC) in the world, the tallest dam in Colorado, and will improve water reliability for more than 1.5 million people. This multi-solution approach is part of Stantec and Denver Water’s overall plan to address the water challenges facing the community. 

  • Mike Rogers

    As a civil engineer and senior project manager, Mike brings nearly 30 years of industry experience to the role of global practice leader for Dams.

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  • Felipe Garcia

    As a senior principal and civil engineer based in Denver, Felipe has nearly 25 years of experience working on a range of projects, particularly those involving the design and construction of dams and hydraulic structures.

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