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An in-depth look at the new leader of the Delta Stewardship Council as published in The Water Report

July 02, 2019

Current View

By Lisa Beutler

Lisa Beutler talks to Chairwoman Susan Tatayon about her role, goals, and findings from the Delta Plan’s five-year review

The second in a new series of interviews for The Water Report, our Lisa Beutler sits down with newly appointed Chair of the Delta Stewardship Council, Susan Tatayon. This in-depth article not only clarifies the role of the Council, the intentions of the Delta Plan and the steps being taken to advance the goals behind it, but also highlights the woman at the helm of this important California agency. 

  • Lisa Beutler

    Lisa specializes in helping organizations and communities make decisions and plan for the future. She serves as executive facilitator on complex, high-profile, collaborative projects.

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