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Mitigating the social impacts of mining projects

September 19, 2022

Current View

By Lauren Meyer

Lauren Meyer, shares with Mining Engineering magazine how mining companies are supporting ESG considerations.

Environment, Social, Governance, or ESG components of mining have come into the spotlight of news and media recently. Unfortunately, instances of poor performance on ESG indicators have drawn negative attention to the mining industry. Lauren Meyer discusses how mining companies can mitigate ESG risk. By focusing on sustainability and community engagement, companies can support people in and around mining operations. Lauren is an associate geotechnical engineer. She also co-leads Stantec’s Sustainable Mining by Design initiative. 

  • Lauren Meyer

    Lauren is a geotechnical engineer based out of our Fort Collins office. She’s passionate about including sustainability in her everyday work and is committed to enhancing her clients’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

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