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Innovative ideas to clear the air

November 27, 2020

By Patrick Chambers

Stantec’s Patrick Chambers speaks with the Property Council of Australia about innovative ideas to enhance indoor air quality

Coronavirus has been a catalyst for new conversations about air quality in buildings. Stantec’s Patrick Chambers has an innovative solution that could be as simple as monitoring noise levels.

Air quality within a building is typically maintained by diluting the indoor air with that of outside air. This practice assumes that the outside air is clean – but we know, with growing urban pollution and increasing instances of extreme weather events (such as the 2020 Black Summer bushfire season) that this is not always the case.

“If instead of being transfixed on increasing dilution rates in buildings, we focussed on exhausting from the point of aerosol release, we could maintain safer base-line levels of indoor pollution/contaminant, without having to significantly increase the quantity of outside air that being processed by the mechanical ventilation system”.

Read full article in Property Australia.

  • Patrick Chambers

    A chartered mechanical engineer, Patrick focuses his work on high-performance buildings and large-scale infrastructure projects.

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