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December 06, 2023

Firas Al-Tahan and Damian Pianta discuss how operators can provide safer train yard movements and more efficient operations

Making the rail industry safer and more efficient

In this episode, co-hosts Dave Roberts and Mike Arsenault tackle a pertinent topic facing the transit and rail industry: safety. They are joined by Stantec’s rail and transit lead, Firas Al-Tahan, and project manager, Damian Pianta, to discuss two distinct solutions that will help rail operators provide safer movements in train yards and more efficient operations and maintenance activities.

Firas is the creator of the Semaphore IQ solution, which combines digital technology and hardware, while Damian is the creator of ARI, a revolutionary train axle replacement system.

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  • Firas Al-Tahan

    Based in Vancouver, Firas specializes in highly interdependent, infrastructure rail and transit projects. A professional engineer, he has extensive experience with railway integration that spans the entire asset and project lifecycle.

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  • Mike Arsenault

    As a product ambassador, Mike brings our innovative ideas and solutions to life, helping our clients and communities address a wide range of challenges with digital technology.

    Contact Mike
  • Dave Roberts

    Dave is responsible for all aspects of IT within the Global region including transformational change, solution development and driving innovation with disruptive technologies.

    Contact Dave
  • Damian  Pianta

    As Project Manager, Damian designs solutions for our mining clients as part of the Brisbane energy and resources team. He oversees all aspects of the project lifecycle and is experienced in structural, mechanical and process design.

    Contact Damian
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