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What does landslide triggering rainfall mean?

August 28, 2023

Current View

By Richard Guthrie, Thad Wasklewicz, Graham Knibbs, Eric Hertzman and Sanaz Imen

Stantec Geohazards experts discuss landslide triggering rainfall at the 8th International Conference on Debris Flow Hazard Mitigation (DFHM8)

Stantec’s Dr. Rick Guthrie, Dr. Thad Wasklewicz, Graham Knibbs, Eric Hertzman, and Sanaz Imen present how landslide-triggering rainfall thresholds are often subject to both false negatives (landslides where none are expected) and false positives (no landslides despite thresholds being exceeded). Rainfall and shallow landslides relationships have been studied for the past 40+ years.

They present a well constrained probabilistic relationship between rainfall intensity and landslides that begins to quantify what the existing thresholds represent and permits an understanding of the potential impacts of different intensity storms.

  • Richard Guthrie

    Richard brings over 25 years of experience in geotechnical analysis and expert advice, gaining some impressive industry recognition along the way.

    Contact Richard
  • Thad Wasklewicz

    Thad is a principal and team leader for Stantec’s geohazard and geomorphology services. He applies high-resolution topography and 2D modeling to manage environmental hazards, and he’s an accomplished technical author in geomatics.

    Contact Thad
  • Graham Knibbs

    As a geoscientist, Graham is a geohazard specialist who focuses his expertise on landslides. He identifies, assesses, analyzes, and reports terrain and geohazard information in support of capital projects, emergency management, and research.

    Contact Graham
  • Eric Hertzman

    Based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Eric is a geospatial data analyst and drone pilot. Bringing nearly 18 years of experience to his role, he’s provided support on over 500 projects across both the public and private sector.

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  • Sanaz Imen

    A senior research advisor specializing in research and innovative services, Sanaz uses technology such as machine learning and remote sensing to deliver water sector projects.

    Contact Sanaz
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