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Required: Clean Mine Power Solutions

March 21, 2023

Current View

Reducing GHG emissions requires taking a close look at mine power and energy use. Stantec specialists share more with North American Mining magazine.

Mines use energy – and lots of it. As mining operations incorporate non-traditional energy sources, there’s lots to consider around permitting, emissions reductions, and supply chain. But it is imperative for mine operators to have a solid understanding of energy use. Why? To move forward with incorporating cleaner energy solutions. Discover the intricacies of energy as Stantec’s Debra Johnson and Kim Trapani explore benefits and challenges of clean mine power. 

Describing the urgency of reducing carbon emissions, Debra said: “Every buyer of commodities is scrambling to reduce their carbon footprints. The pressure on every level in the supply chain is intense. There is nowhere to hide from these trends.”

  • Debra Johnson

    Debra works with mining companies to achieve and exceed their ESG, carbon neutrality and net zero goals. Based in Phoenix, she is committed to solving sustainability issues in the mining industry.

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  • Kim Trapani

    Passionate about finding sustainable solutions that reduce society’s impact on the environment, Kim is a ventilation engineer working with our team in Phoenix, Arizona.

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