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Airborne Electromagnetic Surveys: One More Tool in California’s Journey to Sustainable Groundwater Management

July 21, 2021

Current View

By Lisa Beutler

In this issue of IMPACT, a new tool for collecting groundwater data is investigated to see if its benefits can be realized in California

The Department of Water Resources is conducting airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveys in California’s groundwater basins to assist local water managers as they implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) to manage groundwater for long-term sustainability. 

The process has been compared to taking an MRI of the ground’s subsurface. Read on to learn from Lisa Beutler and the team working on this innovative project.

  • Lisa Beutler

    Lisa specializes in helping organizations and communities make decisions and plan for the future. She serves as executive facilitator on complex, high-profile, collaborative projects.

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