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Why mine operators should conduct energy audits

October 24, 2022

Current View

By Debra Johnson

Stantec Sustainability Management Consultant, Debra Johnson, shares with Canadian Mining Journal how mine energy audits work

We hear a lot about reducing greenhouse gas emissions on mine sites, but what about energy use? Debra Johnson shares what a mine energy audit is, and how it can help reduce both operating costs, energy use, and carbon footprint. As such, a mine energy audit is the critical first step on a mine’s journey to net zero. She describes the audit process and outlines what operators can expect from the audit. Debra shares how an audit is so helpful because it can identify relatively low-cost changes that can have high potential savings. 

  • Debra Johnson

    Debra works with mining companies to achieve and exceed their ESG, carbon neutrality and net zero goals. Based in Phoenix, she is committed to solving sustainability issues in the mining industry.

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