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Published in Alaska Business Monthly: Top-flight priorities

June 25, 2019

By John Limb

Creativity is crucial when designing and constructing runways in Alaska. Aviation engineer Johnathan Limb explains what’s involved.

More than 80% of Alaska communities aren’t connected to the road system, and more than 250 are accessed exclusively by air. The fundamental role airports play in the 49th state is unparalleled anywhere else in the US. That makes their safety and reliability critical.

“So much of Alaska is inaccessible by any reliable means other than by air,” says Johnathan Limb, Stantec aviation engineer based in Anchorage. Closing a runway down is simply a “no-go.”

Johnathan shares his insights into Alaska aviation design in the June 2019 issue of Alaska Business Monthly.

Aniak, Alaska.

  • John Limb

    John leads airport planning, design, and construction management projects for Stantec in Texas. He has over 23 years of experience in civil engineering design, construction, materials testing, and construction administration.

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