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Sustainability by design

June 07, 2022

Current View

Senior Strategist, Debra Johnson, shares with North American Mining how sustainability in mining has evolved in the last 20 years

While sustainability has become more of mainstream topic lately—that hasn’t always been the case. Debra Johnson recalls a time not too long ago when the word “sustainability” wasn’t even in spellcheck yet! She talks about “a mine’s commitment to being a good corporate citizen and community neighbor.” And, how working together with stakeholders and engaging with the community can decrease community opposition to new mining activities. Debra shares specifics – like the compounding benefits from thinking sustainably, recognizing connections to economic opportunity, and protecting health of local communities. 

  • Debra Johnson

    Debra works with mining companies to achieve and exceed their ESG, carbon neutrality and net zero goals. Based in Phoenix, she is committed to solving sustainability issues in the mining industry.

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