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In tune with nature: Nature-based mine reclamation

June 19, 2024

Current View

By Paul Kos and Chris Jaros

Stantec’s Paul Kos and Chris Jaros talk with Global Mining Review about stream restoration in mine reclamation

Historic mine water management regulations were based on preventing erosion during mine closure, meaning natural restoration methods were limited. Today, the regulations do allow for limited erosion, which is good for restoring a water system using nature-based solutions (NbS). Chris and Paul talk about the cost, benefits, and challenges of nature-based approaches to mine water management. They also outline the components of a restored stream and share successful case studies in Colorado’s watershed. 

  • Paul Kos

    As a senior geological engineer, Paul’s wide range of experience allows him to recommend proven solutions for a variety of site challenges—this ranges from landslide mitigation to creating a fish habitat in a restored stream.

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  • Chris Jaros

    Chris provides expertise in stream restoration, surface water quantity and quality modeling, environmental impact assessments, and regulatory compliance in floodplain management, and hazardous materials projects.

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