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Integrating Affordability Into Capital and Financial Planning

May 24, 2021

Integrating affordability has become critical to a municipality’s long-term financial sustainability.  Understanding how to leverage future affordability with processes and decision-making in operations and capital projects is key. Not just to evaluate efficacy of assistance programs, but to make the least amount of impact on rates to the community.

Stantec’s Andrew Burnham, Vice President of Financial Services, and Benjamin Stewart, Management Consultant, discuss how to create a standard decision-making and planning framework that integrates affordability into capital planning, budgeting, and decision-making tools.

  • Andrew Burnham

    Andrew has led his team of water rate professionals in serving over 300 communities in the United States. He is extensively involved in developing guidance for utility managers and the utility rate industry.

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  • Benjamin Stewart

    Benjamin manages and executes financial and economic studies in our Water group. These include unique analyses to forecast and differentiate customer demands, assess utility service affordability, and evaluate alternative capital investment programs.

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