Energy Diversification & Alternative Fuel Solutions

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Energy solutions for a carbon neutral world

Energy and environmental needs continue to evolve, so our approach to addressing client and market requirements continues to grow as well. To help clients safely meet their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments, our energy and business advisory experts apply a portfolio approach.

This approach—supplemented with process and digital technologies as well as decades of expertise—promotes unique solutions for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction pathways.

We work with clients to find ways that derive more value out of industrial process and waste streams. By re-purposing byproducts of methane, natural gas liquids, and bitumen, we help clients address additional energy and mineral demands worldwide.

Whether the project is converting existing energy infrastructure to handle an alternative fuel product or developing a new facility, we help clients meet their green energy goals.

Life cycle support for your net green energy goals

As a full-service partner, our team can support projects as early as the conceptual business case stage through to development, execution, and beyond.


Countries, industries, utilities, companies, and project developers are getting interested in hydrogen—and how it can address decarbonization goals. Along with providing full life cycle services for hydrogen production process value chains, we’re helping our clients map out practical hydrogen phasing strategies. Through strategic industry partnerships, our subject matter experts and project teams support the evaluation and development of hydrogen, from blue to green.

Carbon capture and storage

With services from carbon sequestration to enhanced oil recovery, we help clients maximize asset production while meeting external regulatory and internal sustainability goals. Our carbon capture expertise extends to pre-combustion and post combustion processes and incorporates solvent, permeation, absorption, and cryogenic recovery processes.

Petrochemicals and fertilizers

With an expanding global population and increasing demands for energy, consumer goods, and agricultural products, the petrochemical and fertilizer areas continue to grow. Our advisory team has extensive experience in this area, assisting clients with early-stage opportunities from both a technical and commercial standpoint. Our services help developers evaluate opportunities and optimize the project execution timeline from a regulatory and capital perspective.


The demand for lower emission, easy-to-transport hydrocarbons—including liquid natural gas (LNG) and liquified petroleum gas (LPG)—continues to grow worldwide. Particularly with the environmental, social, and regulatory pushes for lower carbon and stricter GHG regulations. Onshore or offshore, marine or rail, with a multidisciplinary team and deep-rooted expertise, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the hydrocarbon services you need on a wide range of scope components and complexities.

Renewable energy

Whether you want to explore wind, solar, or geothermal heating as an option to generate energy, use biogas as an alternative form of fuel, or are looking for expertise to turn seed oil into biofuels, we and our industry partners have the right solutions to meet your project needs.
Our teams are recognized leaders in sustainability.
Most Sustainable A/E/C Firm
Green Design Firm

Corporate Knights ranked Stantec the most sustainable corporation among its industry peers in 2022.
In September 2021, ENR Magazine ranked us sixth in their Top 100 Green Design Firms.


Digital ( Our subject matter experts are working with digital practice teams to develop creative, technology-forward approaches that accelerate and improve our ability to solve the most difficult challenges facing our clients and communities.
Engineering & Procurement We find smarter ways to develop and deliver energy to communities worldwide by designing facilities, pipelines, terminals, refineries, and critical infrastructure like processing plants and field facilities.
Construction Management & Inspection Ensuring quality – from design to closeout.

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