Heavy Oil & Oil Sands

  • Suncor Projects and Portfolios

    MOC and sustaining capital portfolios to complete multi-services projects

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  • Cenovus Foster Creek Processing Facility

    Finding creative ways to increase capacity

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  • MWSS Station 2-22 Wash Tank Project (Chevron)

    Replacing the role of heater treaters in the oil dehydration process

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Delivering value-added, innovative services

Since the 90’s, we’ve worked on in situ central processing and field facilities, pads, pipelines and infrastructure. In mineable oil sands, we work with industry on mature fine tailings, water & wastewater, remediation & reclamation. From pilots to commercial facilities, we design to optimize. Our oil field work comprises multi-phase production fluids gathering systems, oil & gas separation, water treatment, filtration, steam injection, diluent injection and utilities. Read More

We will continue to advance by truly understanding our client and industry needs, while performing diversified, value-added services.

Dean Robertson Vice President, Sector Leader Energy & Resources
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Bitumen Beyond Combustion

Mapping a next generation of oil sands products beyond combustible fuels Read More
Creative ways to do more with less—it’s what we do best
To 300k bbls/d
EIA's completed

From small pilot projects to world class operating facilities
At Suncor Mackay River
Expert Spotlight

Dean Robertson, Vice President, Sector Leader Energy & Resources

We will continue to advance by truly understanding our client and industry needs, while performing diversified, value-added services.
Dean Robertson Vice President, Sector Leader Energy & Resources Read More

Jason Doupe, Vice President, Environmental Services

To be a leader you need to focus on solutions. Let everyone else find the problems.
Jason Doupe Vice President, Environmental Services Read More

Cody Leishman, Senior Associate

Understanding client expectations is paramount in our business. The resulting actions and solutions are key to establishing sustainable business partnerships.

Dean Robertson

Vice President, Sector Leader Energy & Resources

Jason Doupe

Vice President, Environmental Services

Cody Leishman

Senior Associate


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Alternative Project Delivery We provide Alternate Project Delivery (APD) that delivers significant added value in the form of earlier project delivery, reduced environmental impacts, and lowered capital and operating costs.
Construction Management We take an unconventional approach of building constructability into design, which is proven to not only save time and cost, but to reduce field rework.
Field Services Our as-built drawings facilitate proper Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) reviews, site integrity reviews, future engineering designs, and management of change that occur on critical engineering documentation.
Oil & Gas Engineering and Procurement We find smarter ways to develop and deliver energy to communities worldwide by designing facilities, pipelines, terminals, refineries, and critical infrastructure like processing plants and field facilities.
Environmental Services With 3,100 environmental staff in 20 specialties, we know what to do. When we’re gathering data to permit a new project or collaborating on a plan to remediate an old one, our passion for science drives us.
Detailed Power Engineering & Design Differences in communities, risks, technology, and markets need customized solutions. Our thermal generation, transmission and distribution, renewable energy, and telecommunications specialists help you find the best option for your needs.
Geotechnical Engineering & Materials Testing Our geotechnical engineers and material specialists are focused on solving complex design, construction, and rehabilitation issues impacting the communities where we live and work.
Buildings Engineering With decades of innovation and experience under our belts we’re engineering a promising future leveraging the best in building systems, technology, energy analysis, and sustainable performance.
Water Services Through the life cycle of capture, use, reuse, and discharge, our team works to optimize every facet of a water system.

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