Heavy Oil

We have extensive experience supporting light, medium, and heavy oil fields.

  • Multiphase Production Fluids Gathering Systems: Pipeline Networks, Manifolds, Multiport Valves, Multiphase Pumps, Multiphase Flow Meters
  • Oil and Gas Separation: Free Water Knock-out Vessels, 3-phase Separators, Emulsion Treaters, Wash Tanks, Reject Tanks
  • Water Treatment: Clarifier Tanks, Flotation Cells
  • Filtration: Nutshell filters, Multimedia Filters, Cartridge Filters
  • Oil Storage and Shipping: Storage Tanks, Reject Oil Tanks, LACT Units, Charge and Shipping Pumps
  • Steam Injection: Steam Generators and Steam Distribution Networks
  • Diluents Injection Systems: Tanks and Pumps, Mixing Automated Systems
  • Process Automation, Process Control, Telemetry Systems
  • Associated Utility Systems: Electrical Power Generation and Distribution, Fire Protection Systems, Instrument Air Systems, Depressurizing and Flare Systems, Heating and Cooling Systems, Control Systems, Drainages

Oil Sands

In Canada’s oil sands, we have one of the world’s largest oil reserves. With Alberta-based Stantec, you are tapping into a community of professionals who know the environment, the technology, the assets.

We have been working on in situ facilities since the early 1990s and have significant experience with central processing facilities (CPF), field facilities including pads and pipelines and infrastructure. We also support oil sands mining developments and are working with the industry to address some of the toughest challenges, from environmental impacts to market access and competitiveness.

Sustaining Capital Projects
Sustainable capital or brownfield projects require talent and skills that can only be developed over time. We take pride in this development and our alignment with our clients and the needs of the future.   Stantec has been working with our clients, including Suncor and Cenovus, for more than 20 years, developing the skills and people who can also sustain the facilities after they have been commissioned. Some of our core areas of expertise include reliability and maintenance, asset management, and de-bottlenecking.

Our team has executed multi-year, pre-and post-approval monitoring programs for air, water, wildlife, vegetation and wetlands, soil, and noise, as well as comprehensive environmental management plans.

We are active members of the industry, including as associate member of COSIA, helping to solve unique challenges including mitigations for tailings, water management and waste-water treatment, greenhouse gases, and land reclamation.

Why re-invent when good ideas are all around us? With a culture of questioning the norm and looking at things differently, our best ideas come to the surface. As a design consultancy, we foster a creative culture through our people who regularly identify innovative technology and execution approaches, which ultimately translate into cost savings for our clients and projects. 

Technological innovation is what got us where we are today and it will continue to create the future. We actively partner with qualified technology providers, industry, and government to evaluate and identify solutions that will advance the industry in a rapidly changing environment.

For example, we are currently working with Alberta Innovates and industry to identify new and future markets for oil sands constituents and overall diversification to production of high value products. Also, in 2016, we worked with Alberta Innovates and COSIA to evaluate pre-selected technologies that have potential to recover usable water and energy from the flue gas of boilers deployed at in-situ oil sands facilities.


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