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Bringing together the right expertise

Our team is passionate about the relationship between our natural and built environments. We draw from over 20 technical specialties to form teams that are uniquely suited for your project, whether it’s a hospital, a road, a wind farm, or something else.

Combining local strength, knowledge, and relationships with world-class expertise, we go anywhere to meet your needs in creative and personalized ways. With a long-term commitment to the people and places we serve, our Environment team connects to projects on a personal level and collaborates with communities across the globe.

Our goal? To avoid resource impacts, expedite regulatory approvals, and cut project costs. We accomplish this by connecting you and our engineering and environment teams at the onset of a project and keeping everyone connected through exploration, planning, operations, and closure. 

Our engineers, surveyors, and environmental design service experts lay the groundwork for infrastructure, energy, and building projects, and our approach to development forms wildlife habitats, restores wetlands, and builds active communities. We can help you with nature based solutions, carbon capture, and other sustainability-focused goals.

We balance innovation and creativity with strong, grounded science and engineering practices. Across Stantec, our environmental science and engineering expertise is woven into all projects—no matter the size, location, or sector.

We go above and beyond to create sustainable projects

We’re biologists, geologists, archaeologists, hydrologists, engineers, geochemists, regulatory experts, risk assessors, and toxicologists. Our roles may differ from stakeholders and stewards, but we all value the land and resources we use. Our aim? To find creative solutions that address your community or project’s regulatory and environmental challenges. Through our partnerships, industry experience, and use of technology, we’re developing new and inventive ways to solve emerging issues, meet regulations, and increase productivity.

We bring together places that make communities feel like home

Transforming land into a residential or mixed-use community—or a public space with parks, trails, roadways, and transit—calls for technical skill, creative vision, and insight into development. We’ve merged this broad array of expertise to create a team of engineers, surveyors, and environmental service experts that can optimize the potential of your land and incubate active communities. By creating unique spaces that respond to the land and the people who use them, we can help you bring your community vision to life.

We help you manage your risk

We’ve seen the challenges that effect your business. Based on a deep understanding of markets, function, regulatory compliance, and best practices, we develop integrated designs to help you meet your business objectives, and we involve all stakeholders and disciplines to promote environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable solutions. Our teams help you manage risks to protect the wellbeing of employees and communities, reduce lost-time and insurance costs, and increase productivity.
We are recognized for our sustainability leadership
CDP Score
Corporate Knights Global 100

Stantec is rated as a climate leader with an A score by CDP, and we are the only firm in our space that has achieved that rating for the last six years.
Corporate Knights ranked Stantec the most sustainable corporation among its industry peers—our fifth year on the list.
Stantec’s ISS Corporate ESG rating continues to outperform our peers year after year.
Stantec’s MSCI ESG rating is top of class relative to other engineering and design firms, six years running.


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Assessment & Permitting Using science to meet regulations.
Atmospheric Sciences Rooted in reality, educated in natural sciences, and experts in the latest regulatory and permitting compliance, we go beyond the common approach to develop ideal results for clients.
Human Environment When we feel connected as a community, we work better together.
Ecosystems By documenting existing conditions and determining potential impacts, we develop avoidance and mitigation measures that are cost-effective but ensure protection of fish, aquatic invertebrates, and vegetation.
eDNA Management of protected species requires reliable methods for detecting their presence without causing them harm. eDNA allows for sampling the environment for DNA shed by organisms without capturing, handling, or observing the target species.
Environmental Health, Safety & Compliance We have certified industrial hygienists, safety professionals, toxicologists, and other specialists developing practices that can limit your risks and liabilities.
Environmental Services With 3,100 environmental staff in 20 specialties, we know what to do. When we’re gathering data to permit a new project or collaborating on a plan to remediate an old one, our passion for science drives us.
PFAS Our PFAS team helps assess and manage this group of chemical pollutants in line with evolving guidelines, standards, and regulations.
Remediation & Revitalization We use our expertise to investigate, plan and implement the right solution to your challenges.
Water Resources We help you to protect and restore sensitive water resources, explore and develop new sources of water, and manage risk resulting from sedimentation and flooding.

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