We help clients modernize their power grid assets and operations by helping them transition to ‘smart grid’ applications, focusing on interoperability between new technologies and existing needs. From grid planning and studies, to energy storage (lithium ion, flywheel,  and alternative chemical sources) and micro gridprojects and financial modelling, we advance numerous segments within the grid modernization market. We are our one-stop-shop for energy storage and smart grid engineering and design.

Grid Modernization Segments

Energy Storage & Micro Grids

  • Permitting and compliance
  • Interconnection studies
  • System studies (e.g., transient analysis)
  • Equipment specification
  • Procurement support
  • Code compliance
  • Detailed electrical/mechanical/civil/structural design
  • P&C design
  • Controls, SCADA and telecom design
  • System integration

Demand Side Management

  • Energy audits
  • Equipment specification
  • Procurement support
  • Site inspection and audits
  • Code compliance
  • Detailed electrical design
  • Controls and communication design
  • System integration
  • End user training

Grid Modernization Financial Modeling & Business Case Technical Support

  • Technology reviews & equipment sizing recommendations
  • Investment options analysis
  • Grid interconnection studies
  • Utility and system operator coordination
  • Load forecasting and modeling
  • System planning
  • Detailed design
  • Data analysis

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

  • Location and accessibility best practices
  • Utility grid impact studies
  • Infrastructure planning and design including micro grid integration
  • Incorporation of solar and energy storage
  • Equipment specification
  • Procurement support
  • Site inspection and audits
  • Code compliance
  • Detailed electrical/civil/structural design
  • Signage design
  • Lighting design

Product Support / Product Development Support

  • Technology reviews
  • Equipment specification
  • Investment options analysis
  • Code compliance
  • Trouble shooting
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • System integration
  • End user training

Grid Modernization Services

Grid Planning

  • Energy audits
  • Load forecasts
  • Asset investment options analysis
  • Land planning and permitting
  • Environmental approvals
  • Utility consultation and market analysis
  • Capital cost estimates
  • System planning

Grid Studies

  • Grid operator studies
  • Distribution level studies
  • Station grounding studies
  • Storage integration transient studies
  • Protection and control studies
  • Solar energy assessments
  • Building heating analysis
  • •    Transient Studies

Complete Design Services

  • Geotechnical soil analysis
  • Surveying and geomatics (including 3D scanning)
  • Site development, grading, SWM and permits
  • Structural foundation designs
  • Mechanical HVAC and fire protection design
  • Electrical connection, arrangements and cable routing
  • Protection and control, integration, SCADA and controls
  • Commissioning support and utility connection process
  • Construction monitoring, oversight and support

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