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Suburban Retrofit

Creating vibrant, authentic destinations

Shifting markets, changing demographics, and new fiscal realities are pushing North American suburbs to rethink how they look and feel. People want to walk more and drive less. Employers want mixed-use settings to help them find and keep skilled knowledge workers. Civic leaders? They want the revenue to build and maintain top-notch infrastructure.

It’s a new world for suburbs, and our team knows it well. To help suburbs transform to meet the growing demand for urban living, we look at the context, opportunities, and challenges through various lenses—planning and urban design, real estate market, economic development, mobility, fiscal impacts, environmental, political, community goals, branding, and others—to identify potential achievable options.

Our goal? Partnering with you to reimagine your suburban community as a center of urban living. If you’re ready to transform your community, we’re ready to work with you to create a strategy, plan, or design that helps you better serve your people.

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