When it comes to social and economic vitality, non-potable and potable water reuse are critical solutions. That’s why Stantec wants to help communities get more out of every single drop. We lead the industry in helping clients incorporate water reuse into broader planning initiatives, all while preserving natural waterbodies and improving resiliency to climate change. Join us in a move toward greater implementation of water reuse.

Engaging Stakeholders
A thoughtful, strategic approach to public outreach can help overcome one of the key challenges of water reuse — public acceptance. Stakeholder engagement requires specialized expertise to ensure messages don’t unwittingly reinforce negative public perceptions and that public engagement is sustained throughout the entire project lifecycle. By combining technical and regulatory expertise with industry leadership in communications and outreach, we can respond to any water reclamation challenges that may emerge.

Guiding Regulatory Development
From agriculture to industry to human consumption, the possible applications for water reuse are vast. Regulatory frameworks for water treatment guidelines help ensure the safe reuse of water in systems that consistently produce water purified for a specific use. Our experts actively influence the development of polocies that shape drinking water quality standards. We have extensive experience supporting the development of potable water standards and regulations.

Planning and Integration
Water reuse has become an integral component of water management by utilities due to both its benefits and impacts on water supply, use, storage, treatment and distribution. We extensive experience integrating surface water, groundwater, conjunctive use, water conservation, water reuse, and recycling strategies for both local and regional water management plans. In the past 10 years, we have delivered more than 250 water resource planning projects worldwide. We have a proven track record in distribution system analysis; network modeling; facility planning; water treatment analysis and planning; adaptive plan development; application of emerging technologies to water utilities; and gaining regulatory approval.

Designing Cutting-Edge Treatment
Since our first industrial water treatment plant project, we have been instrumental in more than 750 water treatment facility designs, including modifications, expansions, and rehabilitations. We have also been involved with many of the largest and most complex water and wastewater treatment plant projects in the world, resulting in an aggregate world-wide water treatment capacity in excess of 10 billion gallons per day. Our over 100 pilot studies of treatment processes have been used to cost-effectively meet state and federal regulations. We have unsurpassed experience modeling, planning, designing and optimizing some of the largest and most advanced water treatment facilities in the world.

Construction and Construction Management
Stantec, offers a full range of preconstruction, construction, and construction management services for environmental engineering projects. From start to finish, we have the capabilities, talent, reach, and capital to offer our clients fully integrated project delivery services that set new standards in quality, value, timeliness, and cost efficiency. By tailoring the specific delivery system, project approach, and pricing structure to fit a water treatment plant construction project’s unique needs, we help create successful outcomes. And we back it all up with numerous awards for project excellence and construction safety from some of the most prestigious organizations in the world.

Researching Disruptive Technologies
Our multidisciplinary Research Group specializes in civil, chemical, and environmental engineering; microbiology; chemistry; and environmental sciences. Our services cover a variety of sectors in the wet infrastructure space that use water in their daily activities, such as wastewater disinfection, industrial water recycling, stormwater reuse, mining water, produced water, and wastewater reclamation. The work we perform focuses on solving client-specific issues, conducting overarching research that serves a collaborative group of clients facing similar challenges, and supporting regulatory development at both the federal and state level. Our clients rely on our diverse experience and the high-quality performance data that our investigations generate to systematically evaluate the relative benefits of alternative solution strategies.


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