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Gary Poole


Photo of Gary

When clients need a hand achieving their goals, Gary is there to lend his. He provides support through his strong commitment to customer service, 45-plus years of industry experience, and depth of engineering knowledge. His passion for helping clients has grown along with his career.

Gary was first a draftsman, then a designer. Later on, he became a project manager where he focused on client services. A past owner of a local engineering firm, he’s now an integral part of our MEP leadership team, offering his guidance and knowledge to the next generation of engineers. For example, in the Mickey Leland Federal Building project, he helped the team figure out how to replace the HVAC, lighting, and power in the tenant spaces—while they were still occupied.

Gary is a member of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers. When he’s not helping clients, Gary likes to relax in the mountains and spend time with his family.

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