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Terrace Landslide Hazard and Risk Mapping

Mapping a northwestern regional hub to determine risk tolerance for flowslides and other types of landslides

  • 65K

    Square Metres Mapped Terrain

  • Terrace, British Columbia

    Terrace, British Columbia

Using LiDAR and research to help a community grow responsibly

Terrace is a northern British Columbia community nestled among beautiful rivers and high mountains. Terrace’s landscape includes the presence of sensitive marine clays, and consequently, a pending threat of flowslides (a special type of low angle, sometimes less than three degrees, landslide associated with the disturbance of marine clays). Our client approached us to determine the likelihood of flowslides within the footprint of a proposed development.

To satisfy development approvals, we faced stringent criteria where developable land was limited to areas with potential hazards of less than one in 10,000 per year. Using up-to-date LiDAR (light detection and ranging) to conduct a survey, our team of geohazard specialists created a detailed geomorphic map covering 65 square kilometres of terrain to differentiate areas that have been largely stable or unstable since the last glaciation (approximately 13,000 years ago). Using this detailed map, they determined the probability of landslide occurrence by adapting our published methods and research from Alberta, Quebec, and Norway, to determine limits of hazard for landslides in sensitive clays.

Our team provided a clear and concise report, supported by published research and geomorphological maps, to help our client understand a complex problem. The result? By identifying potential hazards in the proposed development area, we helped the community know where they could safely build.

At a Glance

Meet Our Team

Richard Guthrie, Vice President

Geohazard innovation is about designing new, novel, and safe solutions that benefit clients, project teams, and our field of work.

Sid Tsang, Principal, Geohazards and Geomorphology

I am passionate about how applying aerial photo interpretation and terrain mapping can help guide land-based decisions for our clients.
Sid Tsang Principal, Geohazards and Geomorphology Read More

Richard Guthrie

Vice President

Sid Tsang

Principal, Geohazards and Geomorphology

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