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Vegetation and Carbon Sequestration Monitoring through Remote Sensing

An innovative and cost-effective inventory method of a reclaimed remote forest

  • Canada


Using remote sensing to measure carbon-storage in reclaimed vegetation industrial sites

Our client needed a cost effective, accurate, and reliable solution to help them monitor vegetation recovery over decades—a solution that would lower the amount of travel required to remote properties. They were previously only able to examine a small subset of plots on the property, and that—alongside the variability of results from human interpretation—limited their understanding of the overall vegetation productivity.

We used ExtractX™, our remote sensing toolkit that combines high-resolution images with object-based image analysis, to establish baseline vegetation biomass and health conditions as well as ascertain the impacts of water erosion within the reclaimed forest. Our team collected pertinent geospatial imagery and elevation data values by plane and light detection and ranging (LiDAR) collection methods. Normalized difference vegetation index scores were calculated for all vegetation communities and trees where detectable. The precise hydrological digital terrain model method identified thousands of erosional water features; this allowed our client to focus on the high potential areas for water erosion.

Using subsequent data captures, we can easily compare vegetation statistics for progress or regression. The result? A quick, safe, and cost-effective method for our clients to locate reclamation areas of concern without physically travelling there.

Meet Our Team

Grant Wiseman, Remote Sensing Technology Manager

Success in consulting means communicating new ideas to clients, demonstrating the benefits of technology in a clear and concise way.
Grant Wiseman Remote Sensing Technology Manager Read More

George Kroupa, Principal, Practice Leader, Environmental Services (Prairies & Territories)

Being a part of the energy transition movement must be central to the strategic planning of aspiring environmental industry leaders.
George Kroupa Principal, Practice Leader, Environmental Services (Prairies & Territories) Read More

Brendan Player, Environmental Planner

My focus is utilizing environmental restoration and innovative sensor technology to help clients achieve their goals and objectives.

Grant Wiseman

Remote Sensing Technology Manager

George Kroupa

Principal, Practice Leader, Environmental Services (Prairies & Territories)

Brendan Player

Environmental Planner

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