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Nankan Creek and Dakwai Creek Water Treatment Construction Supervisory Technical Service

Chaoyang Water Language Educational Park makes water purification more fun

  • Taoyuan, Taiwan

    Taoyuan, Taiwan

We helped Taoyuan City Government create the first gravel contact water purification facility of Nankan Creek

Nankan Creek in Taoyuan is one of the targets for river remediation in Taiwan. To solve an upstream sewage issue in Dongmen Creek (a branch of Nankan Creek), we needed to construct a gravel contact water purification facility in the Chaoyang Park in downtown Taoyuan. Based on a natural ecological method, the contaminants in water can be absorbed and disintegrated by the microorganism membranes on gravel, and the removal rate of contaminants can reach 75%. Process around 10,000 tons of sewage every day.

As compared to conventional water purification project, the gravel contact facility can revitalize the utilization of above-ground and underground spaces. Therefore, above the ground, the diverged and purified water source can be circulated and used by ecological creeks, ecological ponds, and plantation spring areas in the park. Doubling as an effective environmental education tool, we included underground corridors for observation of the river water purification life cycle.

Along with being the first gravel contact water purification facility on Nankan Creek, this facility also became a people-friendly leisure space filled with interactions.

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The Excellence Award
Public Facilities, 2018 Public Construction Golden Quality Award

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