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Downtown Allen Revitalization Plan

Revitalizing a main street and downtown in North Texas

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  • Allen, Texas

    Allen, Texas

Providing a city with a community engagement, visioning, and scenario-building process

The City of Allen, Texas, experienced significant growth in the past decade. However, like many smaller cities in the US, growth has occurred mostly in outlying areas, or along major highway axes. This has left the historic downtown behind in terms of development. Though containing appealing legacy elements such as the Heritage Village, Heritage Center, and library, there was little to link them. Allen City Council wanted a more inclusive planning approach. That’s where we came in with a comprehensive planning, consultation, and communications process. For this, we led a highly interactive community engagement process in close collaboration with the Downtown Stakeholder Committee.

Our team of community development and communication experts held multiple community engagement workshops, downtown business workshops, and one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders. We used our “Six Word Story” technique to hone in on common themes on the desired future for downtown Allen, a technique particularly effective with high school students. We also deployed our community engagement software on the city’s website to provide updates and gather additional input through an online survey and an online ideas-board. We then engaged with the community during a “Design Weekend,” focusing on what people would like to see in the downtown. One activity used Lego bricks and an aerial map to show different scenarios for development. Based on these engagements, three scenarios of varying intensity for development were created for consideration.

The resulting Downtown Redevelopment Plan features a community-driven vision, goals, a preferred development scenario, and a strategic implementation program. The plan protects historical and cultural assets and links businesses to businesses, neighborhoods to Main Street, and the downtown to the region. 

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Meet Our Team

David Dixon, Vice President, Urban Places Fellow

We help communities manage change to become more livable, equitable, and resilient.
David Dixon Vice President, Urban Places Fellow Read More

Beth Elliott, Senior Urban Planner

As planners, it’s our responsibility to engage with traditionally underrepresented voices and create processes that elevate everyone.

Peer F. Chacko, Principal, Planning/Urban Design Leader

I partner with clients to create vibrant urban places at the intersection of resilience, land use, economic growth, and multimodal mobility.
Peer F. Chacko Principal, Planning/Urban Design Leader Read More

Ami Parikh, Transportation Planner

Mobility means helping people get where they need to go in an efficient way and I want to shape this effort with the larger context in mind.

Erin Perdu, Senior Urban Planner

The highest compliment I can receive is that a person sees themselves in a plan. Plans truly belong to the residents and not the planners.

David Dixon

Vice President, Urban Places Fellow

Beth Elliott

Senior Urban Planner

Peer F. Chacko

Principal, Planning/Urban Design Leader

Ami Parikh

Transportation Planner

Erin Perdu

Senior Urban Planner

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