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Indiana In-Lieu Fee Program Consulting Services

Assisting the Indiana Department of Natural Resources in developing a series of in-lieu fee mitigation projects across multiple watersheds

  • Indiana, United States

    Indiana, United States

Restoring, preserving, and enhancing wetlands, rivers, and streams through in-lieu fee programs

When the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) needed support to develop their in-lieu fee program, they selected us to assist as the primary consultant in multiple service areas to find and develop mitigation projects. The in-lieu fee program is a fee-based program that establishes, restores, preserves, and enhances wetlands, rivers, and streams, through funding paid to the state. In Indiana, this is a statewide program, in which we serve over a third of the state’s land area.

We oversee coordination with program staff, property owners, government officials, and agency personnel to yield high-quality mitigation or restoration projects while meeting the needs of all project stakeholders. Our preliminary tasks include site screening and identification, performing detailed site assessments and vegetative surveys, topographic surveys, real estate services, and conceptual plans. Upon acceptance of conceptual plans by the DNR and project stakeholders, we produce the final plan and construction document—and we assist the DNR through implementation of projects. Project implementation can include earthwork, seeding, planting, and invasive species management throughout the life cycle of the project which can be up to ten years. 

In planning for the future of healthier wetlands, rivers, and streams across Indiana, we continue to partner with the DNR and their in-lieu fee program.

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