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Inyo County – Epidemiological Support and Consultation

Providing communicable diseases data review, organization, and analysis

  • Inyo County, California

    Inyo County, California

Helping to strengthen resilience and well-being in the community

Health and well-being are key for building a resilient future in a community. When the Inyo County Department of Health and Human Services wanted to strengthen and enhance their epidemiology (control of disease in a population), planning, and public health response priorities, they engaged our services.

To help our client plan for the future in managing communicable diseases, we provided epidemiological support and consultation. We collected, analyzed, interpreted, and evaluated technical, medical, demographic, and statistical data and laboratory results. Our focus? Conducting analysis regarding health concerns—communicable diseases (including COVID-19), as well as suicides, drug and alcohol abuse, behavioral morbidity and mortality and related health problems, and traumatic injuries. Currently, our epidemiologists are performing COVID-19 data review, organization, and analysis.

With solid data analysis in hand, the Department of Health and Human Services can look towards achieving their goal of strengthening the Inyo County community’s resilience and well-being. 

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