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Occupational Exposure Limit Development

Developing occupational exposure limits for the food sector

  • United States

    United States

Communicating a practical, science-based study

We were approached by a national trade association in the food sector to develop occupational exposure limits (OELs) for diacetyl (an organic compound) as it has been associated with severe respiratory impairment. The existing OEL at the time were based on epidemiological data with important limitations and needed to be revisited—our team was there to help.

We proposed an alternative method of using animal studies, including data newly released by a governmental entity in the United States that was not considered during the original OEL development. Based on our review and analyses, our team developed an amended OEL that better represented the existing body of literature. Our weight-of-the-evidence review involved going through over 300 publications. Additionally, we published our findings in a peer-reviewed publication.

As a result of our work, the client was thus able to provide its members with a practical, science-based, exposure limits that can be communicated with the public and improve their operations.

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