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Design matters

At its heart, building design is about creating meaningful and responsive environments for people. Interior or exterior, we create spaces that are engaging and uplifting, that contribute to our sense of health and wellbeing, and the sustainable stewardship of our communities.

Every intervention impacts the public realm and contributes to community building. This is both our opportunity and our responsibility.

Michael Moxam Vice President, Architecture

What inspires you?

From a love of Lego to a life which balances art, science, & emotion—the inspiration for choosing a life in design at Stantec is underscored by a common desire to make an impact.

The five parameters of design excellence

Clarity – driven by a clear idea
The genesis of each project is a clear idea, founded on an intimate understanding of client, site program, and community history, culture, and context. Articulated through diagrams, models, and narrative, this storyline defines the projects’ essential meaning.

Purpose – a thoughtful approach
The focus of our work is the enrichment of human experience and wellbeing. Thoughtful attention to place making, spatial sequence, light, material, and detail advance public realm and community building.

Discovery – challenging preconceptions through curiosity
Design inspires us. With a mindset to challenge preconceptions, we ask the right questions, critically evaluate ideas, and reveal appropriate solutions.

Performance – measureable objectives
Responsible design combines function and significance. Measurable performance encompasses functional planning, integrated engineering, and environmental responsiveness to achieve value, meaning, and clarity.

Craft – material legibility
The idea behind a project is legible through its built form. The attention, care, and consistency with which we select and assemble systems and materials bring the project to life.

Design Volume 3

Design Volume 3 celebrates design with community in mind achieved through the design of thoughtful projects that are people-centric, that advance our clients’ missions and enrich the communities that surround them. Nine exemplary projects and fourteen honorable mention projects. Published 2017. Learn More

Design Volume 2

Stantec’s Design Volume celebrates the innovation that occurs at the convergence of Architecture, Engineering, Landscape and Sustainability. Featured projects are selected by an internal jury process which selects projects which best align to Stantec’s Five Parameters of Design. Published in 2015. Learn More

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