Assessment & Permitting

  • Ballville Dam Removal and Sandusky River Restoration

    Considering all aspects of dam deconstruction.

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  • Dominion Virginia Power Environmental Services

    Helping power local communities.

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  • Blackspring Ridge Wind Power

    Community consulted on resource management plan to support major wind farm.

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Using science to meet regulations

Need to meet regulatory requirements? We work with you to prepare permit applications and environmental assessments that obtain the information you need. We also provide permitting strategy, environmental assessment and application preparation, and technical support for projects that require municipal, provincial/state, and federal environmental approvals and licenses. Solid, defensible applications need to be supported by data. We collect and interpret the data required to support your project.

Helping our clients and communities navigate the ever evolving complexities of environmental regulation to improve tomorrow.

Trevor Macenski Senior Principal, Environmental Services
Environmental permitting doesn’t need to be a roadblock in your project’s development. Early identification of constraints, client goals, regulatory agency needs, and stakeholder issues allows us to address problems before they can knock a project off course. We have excellent working relationships with regulatory agencies, which helps us streamline the permitting effort and create effective approaches to regulatory approvals. Our in-house experts across the globe collect and analyze atmospheric, aquatic, terrestrial, and socioeconomic data to support assessment and permitting efforts to help keep your project moving forward.
We help you navigate complex regulatory environments to move your projects forward.

Building a strategy for successful permit application and environmental assessment is a team effort
We have the local experts for your project's regulatory needs.
Our goal is to carry out our work with zero harm to people and the environment
Expert Spotlight

Brooke Barnes, Principal, Environmental Services

Success is found in the space between us and our clients, coworkers, environment, and communities. Relationships are everything!
Brooke Barnes Principal, Environmental Services Read More

Jeff Benefiel, Senior Principal, Environmental Services

When working on a multi-disciplinary project, I remind my team that integrating our efforts with other disciplines is the only way to meet our client’s needs.
Jeff Benefiel Senior Principal, Environmental Services Read More

Bernadette Bezy, Principal

From deep-sea hydrothermal vents to alpine wetlands, I find an ecological understanding is essential to navigate our surroundings.

Trevor Macenski, Senior Principal, Environmental Services

Helping our clients and communities navigate the ever evolving complexities of environmental regulation to improve tomorrow.
Trevor Macenski Senior Principal, Environmental Services Read More

Terry VanDeWalle, Senior Biologist

Working in the natural resources field is rewarding. In the words of naturalist William Beebe, it is better to be a naturalist than a king.

John Wiser, Principal, Environmental Services

My goals are to bring positive energy to work every day, to be forward thinking, and to lead by example. Let's create a fun and rewarding work environment together.
John Wiser Principal, Environmental Services Read More

George Hegmann, Senior Principal

There is enormous opportunity, despite the odds, to improve conditions in natural places while still allowing people to benefit from our use of natural resources.

Brian Bub, Associate, Wildlife Biologist

Protecting wildlife through collaboration is the most rewarding aspect of the work I do.

Brooke Barnes

Principal, Environmental Services

Jeff Benefiel

Senior Principal, Environmental Services

Bernadette Bezy


Trevor Macenski

Senior Principal, Environmental Services

Terry VanDeWalle

Senior Biologist

John Wiser

Principal, Environmental Services

George  Hegmann

Senior Principal

Brian Bub

Associate, Wildlife Biologist

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