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From risk assessment and technical capabilities to industry leadership and pioneering spirit, ChemRisk is leading the way—worldwide—in scientific consulting. We help you characterize the health and environmental risks associated with complex exposures involving chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or radionuclides in a variety of media and environments, and we use state-of-the-art techniques and methodologies to provide sustainable, science-based solutions to complex challenges.

Our people have diverse scientific backgrounds—covering industrial hygiene, toxicology, epidemiology, statistical analysis, and more—backgrounds that help them serve you in a variety of markets and industries around the globe. We offer statistical and modeling services for human health risk assessments, and we can help you answer a host of critical questions about the exposure and risks within unique occupational, community, and consumer settings.

We’re also positioned to anticipate what regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations, and members of the public expect from you and your company. We routinely present our expertise to government agencies, state and federal courts, and science advisory panels.

Find our work in peer-reviewed publications and trade journals, or on the projects of Fortune 100 firms.

Risk assessment and exposure sciences

We help you protect your people and manage health hazards and risks. We operate at the highest standards in the industry, and our frameworks continue to be used in decision making by government, community, and industry stakeholders. In fact, our work has advanced the way regulatory agencies and the scientific community view how humans are exposed to chemicals, how chemicals are absorbed into the body, and how they reach the tissues where adverse effects can occur. If you need a hazard assessment, we can help.

Detecting and preventing occupational illnesses and injuries

Our teams include epidemiologists and biostatisticians skilled in data management, statistical methodology, and geospatial analyses. Their epidemiological work involves designing, interpreting, and publishing studies that evaluate the complex relationships between chemical, physical, and biological exposures—as well as workplace, environmental, and social factors—applying them all to real-world human health outcomes.

Addressing issues all along a product’s value chain

When it comes to product safety and regulatory support, we provide stewardship and sustainability practices and programs that help you and your business meet regulatory compliance needs. Our multidisciplinary approach to product stewardship minimizes negative human and environmental health and safety impacts within the full life of a product.

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