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  • Search for the Wreck of the S.S. Medicine Hat
  • Municipality of San Juan – El Morro Promenade

Cultural & Social Sciences

Putting context into communities

How do we learn from and respect the past while supporting sustainable development?

It starts with discovering the truth of our past by assembling the jigsaw of history. Our team’s archaeology, paleontology, architectural history, socio-cultural and economic consideration, and Indigenous services are uniquely positioned to protect and preserve the past while allowing for a responsible future.

With many voices involved in managing land resources—from regulatory agencies to Indigenous communities to private landowners—we strive to understand and listen to each party’s viewpoint. As detectives of history, we work closely with communities and clients to complete projects collaboratively and efficiently.

Our social-cultural and economic expertise can assess, plan, monitor, and manage impacts on infrastructure and resource developments. Our deep understanding of Indigenous relations helps clients honor the past while providing respectful and thoughtful development.

We partner and consult with community members during assessments, opening a window into local knowledge so we can fully appreciate the significance of each site.

Context is everything—history, community, the future. We find space for everyone to understand our history and work together for a better tomorrow

Our underwater archaeology team explores Canada’s past

Our underwater archaeologists used a remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) to explore Canadian history for a dam project. Clients can save time and money—while protecting historical assets—by using an ROV.


Archaeology is the study of materials and remains that humans have left behind. Archaeologists reconstruct the past through the study of artifacts and oral and other histories to try to tell the story of the communities they study. When energy, transportation, development, and other projects are planned for a site, we work together with clients and communities to ensure the story of the past is discovered and preserved.

Architectural history

Architectural history is the study of buildings and infrastructure to understand their significance and place within local, state, and national historic contexts, preservation, conservation, and educational purposes. Our work determines how structures in the built environment might be impacted by development and other projects, ensuring that local, state, and national regulations for historic preservation and compliance are followed.


Paleontology is the study of the biological remains of flora and fauna prior to human evolution, usually defined as older than the Pleistocene epoch or the end of the last ice ages. We work with clients to conduct paleontological assessments and surveys, and we record and salvage paleontological resources to ensure regulations are followed and pre-human history—and these nonrenewable resources—are appropriately preserved.


We help clients examine the socio-economic impacts on communities for proposed development and projects. We advise on and educate about socio-economic issues and their management, study baseline conditions, develop management strategies and tools, assess socio-economic effects, and monitor results. By examining projects through the lens of social justice, we take into consideration community needs, history, and context.

Indigenous services

We’ve demonstrated success in working alongside, and in partnership with, Indigenous peoples to achieve positive outcomes. Through Indigenous consultation and engagement programs, regulatory services, Indigenous Knowledge (IK) studies, and training and development, we help our clients develop productive relationships with Indigenous communities and mitigate potential adverse effects. In the process, we create opportunities for Indigenous peoples to benefit from the work we do together.
For us, growing sustainably means investing in local communities—in every way.
Artifacts in one dig
Year old structure
Year old fossil

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