Improving safety and efficiency in manual areas of rail facilities

Rail has been an essential method of transportation for over 200 years. The global economy depends on efficient and reliable rail transport, and delays and derailments can throw a significant wrench into the global economic machine. One common cause of costly delays? Human error in yards and facilities.  

We can help you streamline your rail operations, increase safety, and limit the risk of derailments.

Our Semaphore IQ™ system is an integrated hardware and digital solution that supports the safe movement and switching of trains in manual areas of rail yards. Semaphore IQ™ offers wireless connection between the user and the central system, which contains the logic and safety verifications. That means a user can safely throw switches from different areas of the yard, using the connected digital application.

With this solution, train operators don’t have to detrain to throw switches, which increases efficiency and streamlines logistics. Hardware panels can also be installed at safe locations adjacent to the tracks to request a switch or a series of switches to be thrown to set up a route.

Help maintain your efficiency and reputation with Semaphore IQ™.

Stantec’s Semaphore IQ can streamline rail operations, increase safety, and limit the risk of derailments.

First implementation

Semaphore IQ™ was originally designed for a client in British Columbia, Canada. The rail operator had invested heavily in a new rail fleet and was interested in the benefits of automating rail yard operations. Their goal? To reduce the likelihood of derailments from human error. Our team led the successful trial testing of Semaphore IQ™ with the rail operator for over a year and secured confirmation of compatibility with a range of existing systems within the facility.
Expert Spotlight

Firas Al-Tahan, Principal, Rail & Transit Lead

Knowing thousands of people use transit infrastructure daily is so rewarding—particularly as many of the modes are carbon neutral.
Firas Al-Tahan Principal, Rail & Transit Lead Read More

Firas Al-Tahan

Principal, Rail & Transit Lead

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