• Deer Grove Forest Preserve Wetland

    Improving wetlands to promote healthy native animal and plant communities in a heavily used forest preserve.

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  • Ungarelli Preserve

    A blighted property transformed.

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You have to know what you're looking for

Understanding the complexity of ecosystem responses to human development requires integrating terrain and soil scientists, vegetation, marine, freshwater, and wetland ecologists, and wildlife biologists. We are dedicated to proactively identifying and managing environmental issues at all regulatory levels to help you create viable projects that demonstrate how development and nature can coexist.

Stay true to the science.

Steve Pelletier Principal, Environmental Services

With baseline inventories, we create a model of the current system to find the internal and external linkages. We provide rare species identification and management, ecosystem mapping, impact and damage assessments, and restoration solutions. By documenting existing conditions and determining potential impacts, we develop avoidance and mitigation measures that are cost-effective while protecting natural resources. We collaborate with you and the appropriate regulatory agencies to develop conservation plans and offset initiatives that promote human involvement in ecosystems that produces positive outcomes. Services include: Freshwater Ecology, Marine Ecology, Ecosystem Restoration, Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA), Terrestrial Wildlife, and Vegetation, Wetlands & Soils.
Expert Spotlight

George Athanasakes, Senior Principal

We analyze natural processes driving ecological functions and incorporate these processes into designs to create self-sustaining ecosystems.
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Matt Arsenault, Senior Project Manager

Plants are my passion. I’m a finder of and advocate for the subtle, obscure, cryptic, and unappreciated members of the botanical world.
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Amber Coleman, Associate, Water

Everything we do as scientists is based on methodological evaluation and the ability to convey those findings to others.

Robin MacEwan, Associate, Environmental Services

In my job, I have the opportunity to work with teams of creative, passionate, and highly skilled people to plan projects that enrich our communities and landscape through the restoration of natural resources. What could be more rewarding?
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Mary Murdoch, Principal, Environmental Services

Team work is our foundation for success – what I love about my job is the opportunity for collaboration, relationships, fun and energy that arises from the team.
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Steve Pelletier, Principal, Environmental Services

Stay true to the science.
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Dr. Francis Wiese, Senior Principal

Studying the marine environment is studying the largest ecosystem on the planet and I can travel the world and never be far from it.
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  • George Athanasakes

    Senior Principal

  • Matt Arsenault

    Senior Project Manager

  • Amber Coleman

    Associate, Water

  • Robin MacEwan

    Associate, Environmental Services

  • Mary Murdoch

    Principal, Environmental Services

  • Steve  Pelletier

    Principal, Environmental Services

  • Dr. Francis Wiese

    Senior Principal

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