• Supplier Social Responsibility Program for a Global Manufacturer
  • Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank
  • Nature-based Solutions for Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Facilities
  • First Nations Infrastructure Resilience Toolkit

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Advisory Services

Creating value, increasing confidence, and aligning with priorities

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programming is a critical component of creating corporate value, increasing investor confidence, and aligning with stakeholder priorities.

ESG-responsible companies are often favored by investors for their focus on the environment and society, enhancing financial performance, improving access to capital, and creating brand recognition.

Today, ESG goes beyond investment and looks at managing risk from a climate, brand, human capital, investor, and governance perspective. By identifying and managing their risks, ESG-aware companies focus on what they can control, such as reducing climate-related impacts on their supply chain or strengthening their brand by addressing human health and human rights related challenges.

Guided by our design and engineering experience, our ESG advisory services can help you define and implement a cohesive and integrated ESG program—creating corporate value while contributing to long-term human and community health. A strong ESG program is purpose-driven, meeting regulatory requirements, complying with mandatory and voluntary disclosures, incorporating resilience, and creating measurable and meaningful stakeholder, corporate, and social value.

Maintaining compliance in a changing regulatory environment

Proactively addressing environmental compliance as part of an ESG strategy offers a multitude of benefits. Whether focusing on product safety, permitting, remediation, or occupational and environmental health and safety, we can help you develop and implement a comprehensive compliance strategy that aligns with regulatory requirements, strengthens business continuity, and creates long-term corporate value. Read More

Addressing the climate challenge

With closer scrutiny by stakeholders and regulators—like the US Securities and Exchange Commission—addressing climate change can be an important part of the “E” in ESG. Through our comprehensive climate solutions offering, we can help you action your climate goals. Whether through minimizing climate risk, reducing emissions through the energy transition, or creating transparency by aligning disclosures with global frameworks like CDP, we can help you make your action plan happen. Read More

Creating a just and sustainable future

ESG has evolved from the traditional social focus on health and safety to now understanding how corporate decisions can influence health equity, human rights, modern slavery, social value, and community well-being. We also know that climate impacts public health and well-being. Our team of human health professionals can help you leverage social value to drive long-term corporate resilience and create sustainable communities that focus on the benefits of social value. Read More

Do you know about the H in ESG?

Looking beyond “traditional” health risks, our team of epidemiologists and health scientists can help you see the financial benefit of investing in a culture of health and well-being across your value chains and with your workers, customers, and the communities where you operate. When we manage health and well-being under an ESG risk management framework, we create an environment in which human and social capital thrive in line with financial capital. Read More

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