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  • ULC-S B149.3 Field Evaluation Services

    Staying on top of B149 while keeping safety top of mind.

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  • Parkway Pipeline

    Balancing client needs with community approval.

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When you need boots on the ground

Onsite audits that consider regulatory compliance, emissions, and documentation gap analysis are the first steps to optimize safety and production in the oil and gas industry. Our detailed, site-verified, as-built drawings facilitate proper hazard and operability (HAZOP) reviews, site integrity reviews, future engineering designs, and management of change (MOC) that occur on accurate and up-to-date critical engineering documentation.

Ensuring safety when there is no standard

Every fall (and spring), as most of us turn our clocks backward (or forward), we do maintenance around our home. We check our smoke detectors, clean our furnace filters and ensure our major appliances, like our water heaters are working. Keeping important equipment serviced and operating safely should always be a priority. But how do you know they are built or installed safely in the first place? Most fuel-related appliances we see at home or at work, such as our furnace and hot water tank are certified to be safe. But for the oil and gas industry, it’s not that straightforward. Read More

What you need to know about B149

The B149 series of codes was first published in 1958. The province of Alberta has been issuing a variance for 13 years to help the Oil & Gas sector bring their inventory into compliance with the most recent variance having expired June 30, 2016. All non-certified appliances must be field approved by an accredited Certification/Inspection body (CB/IB). Read More
Expert Spotlight

Kevin Harbottle, Senior Associate, Water

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.” - Steve Jobs

Octavio Urosa, Senior Principal, Oil & Gas

The oil and gas market is changing—advances in technology are creating efficient, safe and environmentally responsible opportunities.

Mary Miller, Sector Leader, Environmental Services – Oil & Gas (US)

Detours on the path to success are where you learn the most—and the most about yourself.
Mary Miller Sector Leader, Environmental Services – Oil & Gas (US) Read More

Virginia King, Senior Consultant

Our quality of life requires achieving the balance between economic generation and environmental protection.

Michael Bolster, Civil Engineer

I love working across multiple industries—it gives me the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for complex problems

Kristian Olsen, Team Lead, Facilities Integrity

I want to be someone who always raises the bar on safety and quality, who helps shape the kind of industry we’d want our kids to be part of.
Kristian Olsen Team Lead, Facilities Integrity Read More

Jayaraman Natarajan, Project Engineer

My work helps to reduce emissions and keep the environment as clean as possible.

Paul Bolton, Terrestrial Ecology Lead

I enjoy the aspects of conducting surveys and environmental assessments in such a geographically diverse region.

Kevin Harbottle

Senior Associate, Water

Octavio Urosa

Senior Principal, Oil & Gas

Mary Miller

Sector Leader, Environmental Services – Oil & Gas (US)

Virginia King

Senior Consultant

Michael Bolster

Civil Engineer

Kristian Olsen

Team Lead, Facilities Integrity

Jayaraman Natarajan

Project Engineer

Paul Bolton

Terrestrial Ecology Lead

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