Hydrogeology & Geochemistry

  • Yara Project, Potash Mine

    Working with stakeholders to develop a collaborative water catchment approach.

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  • Gil Mine Project - Expansion & Groundwater

    Assessing water supply in subarctic temperatures.

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Models that balance the flow

Managing mine water is fundamentally time-dependent, and at Stantec we use an interactive, time-dependent approach. We assess your mine’s water footprint and the water variability expected over the life of your mine using a suite of modeling platforms. Through numerical modeling, we can replicate and calibrate to your surface water and groundwater systems. A mine water management system generates confidence that the water is managed in a responsible, sustainable, and transparent way.

Dynamic mine water management requires interactive models

Through numerical modeling, we can replicate and calibrate to your surface water and groundwater systems. We conduct modeling to address the variability of water chemistry over time. These results go into a site-wide water balance model like GoldSim™ to predict water quantity and quality, incorporating natural uncertainty and event-driven risks. These models are used to determine the potential variability in water volume and quality over the life of your mine. The result? Efficient and cost-effective mine water management solutions.

Water balance and quality

Our water balance and quality modeling services include all kinds of modeling: hydrologic, groundwater contaminant fate and transport, water balance, stochastic, water quality integrated groundwater/surface water and water quality. We are known for climate change effects analysis, geochemical characterization for waste rock, ore, and tailings as well as pit lake geochemical modeling.
Expert Spotlight

Danny Bay, Business Development Manager and Mining Sector Leader, Peru

I support better environmental practices and minimizing groundwater environmental impacts.
Danny Bay Business Development Manager and Mining Sector Leader, Peru Read More

Jim Finley, Principal, Mining, Minerals & Metals

The solutions to challenges faced by clients in the mining industry are always best served by good science and supporting engineering.
Jim Finley Principal, Mining, Minerals & Metals Read More

Melanie Davis , Principal Geotechnical Engineer

It’s wonderful being a part of a company reducing environmental risks.
Melanie Davis Principal Geotechnical Engineer Read More

Rachael Peavler, Lead Hydrogeologist

Mining is a challenging but rewarding industry—it requires doing something different each day, and really keeps you on your toes.

Kelly Greaser, Senior Associate, Hydrogeologist

Always maintain your integrity. Telling clients something they don’t want to hear can be difficult but works to build trust in the long run.
Kelly Greaser Senior Associate, Hydrogeologist Read More

David Luzi, Senior Geomorphologist

I am proud to work with a global team of experts that can help a range of clients solve technically complex problems.

Danny Bay

Business Development Manager and Mining Sector Leader, Peru

Jim Finley

Principal, Mining, Minerals & Metals

Melanie Davis

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Rachael Peavler

Lead Hydrogeologist

Kelly Greaser

Senior Associate, Hydrogeologist

David Luzi

Senior Geomorphologist

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