Lighting Design

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Illuminating the promise of place

We create visually dynamic lighting environments that enhance forms, colors, and textures to reveal architecture’s beauty. To appreciate the importance of light, it is important to understand how and why people use spaces. Our goal is to create prominent visual identities that improve the user experience and seek innovative approaches for lighting solutions.

We design architectural lighting solutions for projects ranging from urban streets to high-end retail, signature performing arts centers to world-class museums and beyond. In every project, light is located with care, using human perception as our guide. With light, we create safer, more appealing spaces that fulfill functional needs but go further—giving life, vitality, and spirit to our communities. While our deep commitment to sustainable solutions drives an energy-conscious approach which prioritizes daylighting and aims to preserve the night sky.

BPX Energy

A lighting design approach that enhances natural daylit spaces, supports a warm and comfortable residential feel for the office by highlighting natural materials and textures that connect to biophilic design elements.

McGregor Square

A new rich urban fabric which promotes and enhances pedestrian connectivity and creates a sense of place through lighting design, environmental graphics, intuitive wayfinding, art, landscape, and iconic, interactive technology features. Read More

Microsoft Building 83

Microsoft Building 83 pushes the standard for innovation and provides some of the best brains in the business with the workspace they need to not only succeed—but thrive. Our job? To enhance the experience of every person who enters the building, leveraging the power of light. Read More

Simulating daylighting in one of the darkest places on earth

A dynamic lighting visualization developed for key spaces at the National Science Foundation’s AIMS project at McMurdo Station, Antarctica features tunable lighting to simulate a natural daylight cycle.

Bringing light into play to illuminate architecture's beauty
Specialty Lighting Designers
Square Feet Illuminated

With projects around the globe, we are creating positive impact within the communities we serve.
Innovation, sustainability, and a human focus combine to deliver award winning lighting solutions.
Improving the quality of space and experience for all.

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