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  • A Financially Sustainable Future for Coral Springs, FL
  • Los Angeles Wastewater Information Network
  • Centennial NextGen Infrastructure Study & Future Ready Action Plan

Management & Technology Consulting

Making digital innovations work for you

The basics of operating—and funding—public and municipal utilities is both a nuanced and complicated road. The need for new infrastructure and system expansions, coupled with increasingly stringent environmental regulations and compliance requirements, can be overwhelming.

To plot a path forward, agencies must find creative and technically sound solutions that balance efficient systems and practices, reliable data, and future industry insights. How can we help? We develop financial plans and evaluate economic impacts through the lens of risk, reliability, and planning to drive higher levels of service. We identify the technologies and business processes that unlock efficiencies—taking advantage of the best data to remove barriers to your success.

Our strategic guidance and focus on technological innovation drive organizational productivity, affordability, and equity. Whether it's enhancing procedures and workflows, facilitating digital transformation, optimizing investments, managing assets, or addressing complex business challenges, we provide a roadmap for sustainable growth.

Let us apply our knowledge of how businesses and technologies change over time so we can help you adjust to changes—and succeed in them.

Equitable and economic financing and funding

Working with your financing team, we can apply the latest market insights, technologies, and tactics to improve the delivery of affordable, equitable, and sustainable services. Our North American funding specialists simplify processes for you, and we use our proprietary models, vast databases, and proven methodologies to deliver accurate and carefully constructed economic outlooks that focus on equity and the environment. Let us help you navigate the complex and competitive steps of securing and administering funding—responsibly.

Technology consulting for an evolving digital era

Seamless digital transformation, strategic business scaling, and improved returns on IT investments are all achievable. How can we help? Our teams lay the groundwork for technology implementation. We can help you link your process updates, technology changes, and culture shifts to your organization’s goals and financial health, so you can transition and transform with confidence. Call on us for analytics-based frameworks, systemic solutions, and intuitive tools that empower you to make big changes while also managing your risk.

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