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Mine Power

Clean, sustainable, plentiful

We focus on providing sustainable power solutions to mines and communities, whether through the construction of new renewable energy facilities or by transmitting the energy where it needs to be. Our solutions minimize the impact on the environment and surrounding communities while providing clean, reliable energy and long-term performance. You can trust us to harness mine power safely.

Do you have energy to get the job done?

Do your systems have the capacity to safely and sustainably power your project? Whether you are designing a new project or expanding your mine’s operations, we can assess your power needs, design a system that meets society’s new, greener energy requirements, and is adaptable for the long-term – even after the mine closes. We have experience transferring power and safely transforming it into the energy for everything from plant and process equipment to ventilation and communication systems.

Harnessing huge power—safely

We have experience working in mines around the world and understand that mines have big power requirements, and that the quality of the power is a significant consideration. We recognize the unique challenges of powering large operations in remote regions. We’re experts at proactive planning and can help you evaluate and consider the specification, sizing, and handling of power systems upfront. We offer experience that will help you define and resolve power issues all while reducing mine downtime.
Expert consultants help you safely power your mine.
Top 1%
In the World

Corporate Knights Global ranked us among the top 1% in the world on sustainable performance (2022).
Our goal is zero harm to the environment and sending our people home injury-free, every day.

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Mine Power Whether you are designing a new project or expanding your operations, we can assess your power needs, and design a system that meets your requirements, and is adaptable to long-term plans.
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Mining - Environmental Services By understanding your goals and the needs of regulators and stakeholders, we can put together a strategy that is balanced for success.
Mine Ventilation Systems One of our most important roles when ventilating an underground mine worker safety: making sure airflow is sufficient in quantity and quality.
Shafts & Hoisting Systems We have skilled shaft and hoisting experts who will work with you to tailor designs to meet your needs.
Mine Water Treatment We have the experience and technical skills to evaluate, design, and build water treatment systems that are tailored to the unique factors of your mine.

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