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Stantec Insight Analytics (SiA) is both a platform and a suite of business intelligence (BI) applications. They can be cloud-based or installed on-premises to provide data-driven insights that improve utility performance.

From optimizing operational and capital expenditures to safety improvements, these applications automate maintenance activities, optimize asset capacity, and help you plan capital maintenance interventions. These tools have been used to optimize processes and improve wastewater treatment and water quality projects, positively impacting customer experience down the line. 

The SiA applications have been built to support custom solutions for each client’s specific business objectives, and their flexibility in approach and data modeling creates predictive analytics that can be visualized through numerous outputs, including web-based dashboards and email/text notifications.

Delivered on the Microsoft Azure platform, SiA is plug and play—compatible with most utilities’ existing IT infrastructure. In many cases, SiA can be installed on your system and providing meaningful insights in 15 minutes.

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We help you achieve genuine insights from your data

We think like a utility operator. Building our teams from people from different disciplines, we combine specialist content knowledge to ensure you measure the right key performance indicators (KPI) to drive desired business outcomes. Our demo workbench highlights data insights for key functional areas including control center view, current asset status, asset manager, and data analyst. By applying everything we know about engineering, operating, and maintaining utility assets, we help you get the right insights, when you need them.

Case Study: Reducing sewer flooding

Failure to meet pollution and sewer flooding incident reduction commitment targets can result in hundreds of millions in regulatory penalties. Working with some of our US-based water clients, we developed an outcome-focused, programmatic approach to implementing intelligent data platforms that deliver combined sewer overflow performance improvements. The project? Consolidating data sets and developing a user interface for predictive sewer analytics. The goal? To reduce sewer overflow spills by significant margins.

Financial Analysis & Management System (FAMS)

Our FAMS business intelligence application is a cloud-based, web and mobile-accessible tool that gives you access to your financial forecasting whenever and wherever you need it. Built on benchmarking from over 500 utilities clients, FAMS has been used to develop scenarios and boost efficiency in over 1,500 studies in the past 15 years. Read More
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Andrew Burnham, Vice President, Water Management

I take pride in presenting complex information in a way that community leaders can understand and comfortably share with their stakeholders.
Andrew Burnham Vice President, Water Management Read More

Andrew Burnham

Vice President, Water Management

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