About Transit Planning

We offer a robust suite of services to address the ever-changing requirements of modern transit including:

Bus Service Planning

  • Master Plans - From visioning to the creation of a new network, to detailed routes, phasing of services, and costing.
  • Sub Area Transit Plans - Where a portion of the network needs to be revised to match new urban demands as well as integration into the existing network.
  • Network Restructuring - Forensic review of a system with the goal to create a new, simple layered network that meets local needs for the future.
  • Network Integration - With the implementation of a rapid transit service, the restructuring of the adjacent network to integrate into the new line is critical for the success of the service.
  • Operations Reviews - An examination of the operational aspects of service from interlining and scheduling through annual service planning.
  • Network Reviews - Helping clients understand the desired alignment between ridership and coverage, and how the network structure supports or hinders that vision.
  • Bus Rapid Transit Planning - Corridor analysis, station location planning, alignment reviews, and operations plans.
  • Service Plans - Annual or short term service plans that allow a phased approach to changes or the implementation of new services into existing systems.
  • Detailed “Line by Line” Route Reviews - Based on the use of O-D data, APC, farebox or other data, we review routes stop by stop, examining the segments to determine potential changes.
  • Costing - Creating operational costing of options by route and system using standardized KPI’s to create total or phased costing options.
  • Resort Area Transit Planning - Resort areas are unique based on the seasonality of visitations requiring a different approach to transit planning.
  • Last Mile/SAV - The development of micro transit options based on demand-based or shared ride concepts using alternate vehicle types including autonomous buses.
  • Transit Service Guidelines - The use of metrics is dependent upon the need or use of the guidelines. We provide direction on matching guidelines to need and dashboard or operational uses.
  • Water Based Shuttle or Ferry Planning - Water based services can compliment road based services by providing direct connections between residential areas, offering services where road space is limited, or to islands.

Rail Planning

  • Corridor Planning - Choosing a corridor is a 50+ year decision so it must be the correct one. We can help through the analysis of movements, urban landscape, streetscape, cross movements, traffic, and active mode interaction using strategic or multiple account evaluation methodologies to ensure the right decision is made that can be supported by the public and council.
  • Station Planning - The siting of a station should be strategic rather than apologetic and be based on the surrounding origin/destination patterns, connections to the surface transit network, sized appropriately, and based at the right corner of an intersection.
  • LRT Preliminary Planning - Preliminary planning includes routes, alignment, station location and siting, park and rides, terminal and transfer needs, number of stations, headway, and ridership calculations. Our team has significant experience and can help lead the process from initial corridor planning through preliminary planning and corridor/station verification into detailed design and business case phases.
  • Streetcar Route Planning - Streetcar has a different function than LRT, acting as an economic driver in addition to a way to move people. We are urban planners as well as transit planning professionals which helps us understand the environment and routing options that would best suit a streetcar. We also work with engineers for the next stage of design after route decisions have been made.

Transit Infrastructure

  • Transit Exchange Planning - The location, size, and function of a transit exchange determines the value to the customer as well how it works operationally. Stand-alone, end-of-line, or associated with rapid transit sites are just a part of what we plan.
  • On-Street Stop Review & Analysis - On-street facilities need updating and rethinking as the system and it’s needs change. Whether its a stop, an on-street exchange, a terminal, or station, we can help review the location and requirements.
  • Kiss n Ride, Shared Rides Infrastructure - From conceptual planning and site sizing to detailed engineering, we can plan the parking and drop/pick up needs at any facility.

Transit Management

  • Policy Planning - The policies and objectives that dictate how transit is operated can often be detrimental or contradictory when compared to other civic policies. Understanding what policy can drive performance is an important part of transit planning.
  • Management Structure Planning - As systems evolve, the internal staffing structure must evolve with them. Our experience working within transit agencies provides a unique perspective on how to maximize the efficiency of a system but retain key work structures.
  • Logistics Flow Review - How decisions are made and how the work flows from planning through scheduling, marketing, operations, and dispatching is critical to an efficiently functioning transit organization.


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