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Alternatives Assessment under the RMA & Business Case Processes

May 03, 2022

By Richard Peterson and Paula Hunter

In this Resource Management Journal article our authors discuss the Resource Management Act and identify drivers in business case processes

Assessing alternative ways to resolve problems, take advantage of opportunities and fulfil objectives should be a key step in any significant planning process. Under the Resource Management Act 1991 an “alternatives assessment” is required when seeking resource consent for projects with the potential to have significant adverse effects and when seeking a Notice of Requirement. In addition, directive environmental protection policy requirements, the use of effects management hierarchies, and giving effect to Te Mana o Te Wai are expanding the need for detailed and carefully managed alternative assessment processes.

Read the full article in the Resource Management Journal.

  • Richard Peterson

    Richard is focused on providing planning advice—feasibility reports, planning applications, and input into planning regulations.

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  • Paula Hunter

    Paula is a ‘big picture’ kind of person, which comes in handy for her role as the technical lead or reviewer for our more complex or high profile planning and consenting projects.

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