Safely linking communities

Bridges and expressways are an essential part of our transport infrastructure, helping move goods and people to where they need to be. Not only do they need to be highly functional, but they must also fit their local setting. 

We design safe, innovative transport structures that become critical links in our transport networks. Our aim? Bringing together community stakeholders and experts from across various fields to create valuable assets for the communities they serve while being culturally sensitive to historical areas. 

We maintain, rehabilitate, and manage existing transport structures to preserve their health and safety. Our approach includes diligent inspection programs and strategic maintenance plans to help extend their life span. 

By providing services that address all stages of the lifecycle, we ensure that new and existing transport structures will provide safe passage for travellers and support our communities. 

Hastings District Bridge Strengthening

Some of the bridges in the Hastings District weren’t rated to accommodate the growing freight movement in the area—that’s where we stepped in. By undertaking evaluations of strategic bridges on major routes throughout the region, we helped our client determine a programme of upgrades and strengthening works needed to bring all bridges up to necessary standards. Read More

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