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Celebrating life—protecting New Zealand’s rich ecosystems

There’s always more than what meets the eye. The tiniest of organisms can set off major change, and that’s why we treat all your spaces with respect—protecting New Zealand’s vast number of species and rich biodiversity. 

We use the latest equipment and imaging software to identify and monitor what’s most precious to us, and we provide ongoing surveying services, database services, and statistical analysis packages in-house. Our goal? To deliver ecologically sound, economical, and practical assessments to help you do what you do best.

Our ecologists understand the importance of leaving our natural landscapes unharmed, which is why each personalised solution we design not only aligns to the local and state regulatory framework, but is restorative, invigorating, and enriches our environment. 

By protecting all life, both seen, and unseen, we’re contributing to a brighter tomorrow for future generations.

Seeing the unseen

When it comes to designing solutions, we need to know what we’re protecting. How? With ongoing monitoring. We’ve spent years developing dynamic databases which inform our current systems, and we’re continuously updating and evolving as information and technology changes. Need to identify rare species? Abundant species? Potential threats? Our monitoring, management, and ecosystem mapping services help inform you on next steps and give you scenario planning alternatives to help you understand the impact of your next big project.

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